Research Student Supervision

I work with PhD students who do research on a range of important questions about political violence. For information about UCL’s PhD program, see here.

Current UCL PhD students:

Sam Erkiletian, “Former Combatants and Resocialization Programs” (primary supervisor, co-supervision), 2019-present.

Giovanni Hollenweger, “Rebel Governance and Post-War Democracy” (co-supervisor), 2022-present.

Finn Klebe, “Nonviolent Resistance and Radical Flanks” (primary supervisor, co-supervision), 2021-present.

Jennifer Hodge, “Theorizing the Transformative Quality of Transitional Justice   Processes” (co-supervisor), 2018-present.

Yilin Su, “Protest Restrictions, Protesters, and Protest Bystanders in Illiberal Regimes” (primary supervisor, co-supervision), 2021-present.

Former UCL PhD students:

Melanie Garson, “The Third Pillar: Supporting Settlements to End Protracted Conflicts” (primary supervisor), 2009-2017. Now at the Institute for Global Change and at UCL, London.

Andreas Juon, “Status Equalization, Threat Alleviation, or Reification? The Effects of Ethno-Accommodation on the Salience of Ethnic Identities” (primary supervisor), 2016-2020. Now at ETH Zurich.

Sarah Leo, “Carrots vs. Sticks: How Should Governments Deal with Terrorist Violence?” (secondary supervisor), 2015-2020. Now at The Economist.

Dominic Perera, “Civic Space, Civil Society, and Citizen Action: Responses to a Declining Environment for Civic Activism” (co-supervisor), 2017-2022. Now at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark,  in Uganda.

Kit Rickard, “Cooperation or Competition: How External Support Shapes Rebel Behavior in Intrastate Conflict” (primary supervisor), 2017-2022.  Now at UNU-WIDER.

Hannah Smidt, “The Impact of International Peacekeeping on Election-Related Violence in Post-Civil War Countries” (co-supervisor), 2013-2017. Now at University of St. Gallen.

Beth Souris, “Transnational Ethnic Groups and Civil Conflict: The Impact of the Karen’s Transnational Ethnic Kin Groups on the KNU Insurgency in Myanmar” (secondary supervisor), 2012-2020. Now at CGA Technologies, Tanzania.


I teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses in UCL’s Department of Political Science (SPP) and the European and International Social and Political Studies (EISPS) program:

International Conflict and Cooperation (undergraduate, SPP/EISPS).

Political Violence and Intrastate Conflicts (undergraduate, EISPS).

IR section of Introduction to European History, Law, Politics and Philosophy (undergraduate, EISPS).

Conflict Resolution and Post-War Development (postgraduate, SPP).