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Recipient of the Conflict Research Society’s Book of the Year Award, 2016. Reviewed in Journal of Politics, Journal of Peace Research, and “Critical Dialogue” in Perspectives on Politics.

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Work in Progress

“Detecting Wrongdoing. A Red Flag for Public Goods?” (with Neil J. Mitchell and Hannah Smidt), article manuscript.

“’Ten-Pound Touts’: Post-Conflict Trust and the Legacy of Counterinsurgency in Northern Ireland” (with Kit Rickard), UNU-WIDER working paper here.

“Vigilante Practices: Support for Informal Justice After War” (with Kit Rickard), article manuscript.

“Surveying During Conflict: How Reliable Are Wartime Polls in Ukraine” (with John O’Loughlin, Kit Rickard, and Gerard Toal), article manuscript.

“Women, Protest, and Defection” (with Marianne Dahl and Kit Rickard), article manuscript.