Articles and Blogs

“With Politicians Who Can’t Be Bothered to Read Peace Agreements, No Wonder Brexit Negotiations Are Such a Mess” (with Kit Rickard), The Independent, February 2, 2019.  Article here.

“Why Changing the Good Friday Agreement Because of Brexit Is Such a Dangerous Idea” (with Kit Rickard), The Conversation, January 28, 2019. Article here.

“What the People of Nagorno-Karabakh Think about the Future of their Homeland” (with Lee J.M. Seymour), The Conversation, April 20, 2016. Article here.

“How ISIS Rule and Mobilisation Matters for the Military Response to the Paris Attack,” UCL European Institute blog, December 16, 2015. Article here.

“The Problem with Fragmented Insurgencies” (with Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham and Lee J.M. Seymour), The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, May 13, 2015. Article here.

“Islamic State: No-one Wants to Talk to Terrorists, but We Always Do—and Sometimes it Works” (with Govinda Clayton), The Conversation, October 14, 2014. Article here.

“Foreign Fighters Don’t Always Help,” The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, May 28, 2014. Article here.

“Splittet opposisjon,” Aftenposten, Nov. 19, 2012 (in Norwegian).

“Folkets makt: Hva kan revolusjonene i Øst-Europa i 1989 fortelle oss om dagens demonstrasjoner i Egypt?” Verdens Gang, Feb. 3, 2011 (in Norwegian).

Public and Practitioner Events

Organized academic/practitioner workshop on “State-Citizen Interactions during and after Violence,” Global Governance Institute, University College London, June 2019. See a summary of the event here.

Organized academic/practitioner workshop on “Challenges to Global Governance: Conflict, Contagion, and Citizens’ Rights,” Global Governance Institute, University College London, February 2019.

Organized academic/practitioner workshop on “Conflict and Governance: Working with  Informal Institutions during and after War,” Global Governance Institute, University College London, June 2018.

Invited presentation on “Decentralization and Syria.” Workshop on “Syria and Global Security: A Multilateral Dialogue Project on Transition and Post-War Syria,” organized by the Geneva Center for Security Policy and the Omran Center for Strategic Studies, Caux, Switzerland, February 2018.

Organized academic/practitioner workshop on “Institutions in Conflicted and Fragile States,” Global Governance Institute, University College London, October 25, 2017. See a summary of the event here.

“The Crisis in Catalonia.” Chatham House webinar, October 11, 2017.

Organized academic/practitioner workshop on “Restrictions on Civil Society and the Free Flow of Information,” Global Governance Institute, University College London, May 9, 2017. See a policy brief based on the event here.

“What Happens after Civil Wars End?” Talk at the Pint of Science Festival, London, May 24, 2016.

Organized stakeholder workshop on “Perceptions of Security and Governance in de facto and Partially Recognized States,” University College London, September 11-12, 2014. See summary of the event here.

“When the Enemy of My Enemy Is Not My Friend: Why Rebels Sometimes Target Their Own.” Talk at TEDxUCL, June 2012. Talk here.